Easter a time for our people to unite and embrace

The Governor


Every year we celebrate Easter and especially this year, I would like to call upon our people to unite and embrace the spirit of Easter despite this being an election year.

I hope we can see our similarities more than our differences and let the Holy Spirit of Easter carry us through the next few months. At the very heart, Papua New Guinea is a great nation of a 1000 tribes and 790 languages.

We have a proud history and an amazing culture that no other country can claim the same. As we draw close to the elections, I ask us all to embrace us as a people with our shared interest, our shared ambitions and above all our shared Melanesian values that makes us who we are in the wake of economic turbulence and many others that may seem to be crippling us as we celebrate our Easter.

Let us not loose sight of our higher values and goals for the highest good of our people, our city and our nation. We must continue to maintain peace and order in our city as an utmost priority and I urge our people once again that safety and freedom of movement must be maintained even when we are busy campaigning after the writs are issued next week.

Let this holy celebration restore us and allow us to carry its blessings and teachings in the next few weeks. With many competing parties and many competing candidates it would be easy to retreat into our private lives because the challenges seem overwhelming, or allow ourselves to be divided and blame others for any shortcomings.

I however ask us all to respond to these problems head on, through action and support for peace and safety for all. Those principles are at the heart of Christianity. And Christians throughout our country and throughout the world during this Easter weekend will be remembering Jesus’s example of love and sacrifice. I hope we can do the same in our city and our country. I wish everyone a blessed Easter and safe holidays.

Hon. Powes Parkop, LLB, LLM, MP Governor - National Capital District

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