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In a few weeks’ time, Papua New Guinea will be abuzz with the National Elections as we prepare to vote in our tenth national parliament.

Papua New Guinea once again on this occasion will show the rest of the world the thriving democracy we have and the liberty we have enjoyed to exercise our constitutional right to elect our leaders. Of course there has been a certain level of duress but overall, elections in Papua New Guinea have been successfully conducted and the relevant processes completed as required.

As we approach the elections, I appeal to every eligible resident voter in Port Moresby to utilise this opportunity to fully and freely exercise your democratic right to participate in the elections. This right allows us to have a say, a bigger say infact in determining the destiny of our young nation and that can only happen through your choice at the with the ballot paper at the polling booth. It is your prerogative to exercise this right and the choice is yours however, I simply ask that you utilise this opportunity wisely with a clear conscious and in accordance with your preference.

Remember, the choice we make in this election will stay with us for the next five years. I shall leave this to your good judgement. In line with this call, I further appeal for peaceful and orderly elections in the city to allow all eligible persons every opportunity to exercise their democratic right on election as enshrined in the constitution of Papua New Guinea.

While the extent of the national elections is enormous and will dominate all activities, normalcy must prevail in our city. The applicable civic services must continue and there should not be in any shape or form unnecessary disruption of services under the guise of the elections.

Let natural freedom and justice take its course in our city so at the end of the day life is as normal when the election process takes its full process. The same call applies to all relevant regulations of the Commission relating to the safety and due regard for public property. No one under the pretext of the elections should destroy, deface, damage or tamper with any public property for his or her convenience. Peace and normalcy must prevail in our city in the best interest of all of us in the city and the democratic process should be seen out in its fullness in our city.

Port Moresby’s record of peaceful elections must be maintained this time around and it is my fervent hope that the 2017 national elections goes through the same process and everyone is allowed the freedom to make his or her choice without any undue influence or intimidation. Problems are bound to occur in the elections but with the expertise of the people involved in so many elections, I can only wish for the least of disruptions to this democratic process which Papua New Guinea has a strong standing with.

The hype and excitement of the event has commenced in every part of the country and is sure to intensify as the days draw near to polling. While on the topic of elections, I take this time to pay great respect and gratitude to Hon. Powes Parkop NCD Governor, Hon Michael Malabag Member for Moresby North West, Hon Justin Tkatchenko Member for Moresby South and Hon Labi Amaiu Member for Moresby North East for their exemplary leadership of our city in the last term of parliament.

Without prejudice, Port Moresby has indeed enjoyed a tremendous amount of progress and is undeniable. The rapport with the management has been one of co-operation and support for the common good of our city and we the residents. I wish them well in the elections. On the national front I take my hat off to the Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare who gracefully retires from active politics at the end of this term of parliament. I pay homage to the 49 years of his life to PNG politics and his desire for an independent nation called Papua New Guinea.

The name Sir Michael Thomas Somare will remain synonymous with Papua New Guinea and her history for many many years to come and his contribution to the development of our nation will remain a legacy now and into the future. I wish Sir Michael all prosperity in all aspects of life as he departs from an illustrious political career into a new chapter in life.

God bless Papua New Guinea.

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