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I would like to thank you for taking time to explore the website of the National Capital District Commission (NCDC). I trust you will find information on this site useful for your purpose. With the launching of this website NCDC will endeavor to improve accessibility to information in the organization.

I encourage you to explore Port Moresby city the Nation's Capital and find out more about its history, people and culture. It brings together a nation of diverse people and culture, some 800 plus language and is truly "the language capital of the world".

2013 has been declared the year of implementation by the National Government in line with its vision to ensure service delivery is effectively implemented to all areas of concern.

The most highlighted area as indicated by the government is to see government services delivered right down to the masses in the rural areas and generally to every citizen of this wonderful nation of ours Papua New Guinea.

The government's commitment to the people was issued as a directive by Prime Minister Peter O'Neil early this year while briefing departmental heads and provincial administrators on the expectations of his government for this year and beyond,

This commitment is in line with the development aspirations of the 2013 national budget of K13 billion much of which will go towards priority sectors such as rural health programs, and maintaining roads, ports and other key infrastructure.

city Mayor

The Prime Minister has described the budget as a budget for growing our future and empowering our people for inclusive and sustainable growth.

From the budget, the government has placed a greater deal of responsibility away from Waigani to deliver on its promise to the people. Obviously the demands on provincial authorities to deliver on the expectations of the budget will be much higher than before given the increased funding and the relevant anticipations. Port Moresby is no exception in this regard and the Commission will be required to lead from the front to deliver the services to the people.

Much of the services in our city will be in the form of infrastructure development in particular the city's road network that has been the subject of public discussion in recent times.

The National Government directive and the relevant funding adds to the commitment by the Commission to rehabilitate and maintain existing roads and to construct new roads to alleviate the associated problems currently faced with our roads.

As the administrative head of the Commission, I am fully aware of the expectations of the national government and all due implementation arrangements have been tasked the relevant divisions in compliance with the directive for implementation.

I wish to inform the residents of Port Moresby that the directive has been handed down from the top and I am well placed to assure you that the expected services can be anticipated from the Commission in line with the commitment of the national government.

As an implementation agency, NCDC has taken on board this national government undertaking and will do everything in its power to ensure the requirements of the government is set in motion and completed to the best of our ability.

I take this opportunity to commend the national government under the leadership of Prime Minister Peter O'Neil for the commitment on service delivery to the people and I envisage the visionary leadership of his government for the overall benefit of Papua New Guineans.

Furthermore, given this opportunity, let me also encourage all employees of the Commission to take heed of the national government directive by ensuring your fullest participation in your respective roles to ensure service delivery is fully expedited to the benefit of the people.

I also call upon the co-operation and support of the city residents on this endeavor for its appreciation and understanding of the government's vision and the good intentions aimed to their benefit. The least I expect from the public is unnecessary delays caused by disruptions to the delivery of services.

After all, it must be understood that the intended benefits of the national government initiatives is for the overall good of the wider community and not for the benefit of a minority few.

We will all prosper at the end of the day and the intended benefits will be fully realized if we all play our respective roles.

The National Capital District Commission is committed to fully implementing the directive of the National Government and will do all it can to ensure the success of the Year of Implementation.

We fully stand by the National Government to implement the mechanism of service delivery as per our municipal obligation and I call upon everyone concerned to make it happen to the fullest.

Let me take this opportunity to wish the national government all the success with its development ambitions to the benefit of the people.

national capital district Commission
national capital district Commission