Commission Functions

The Commission has power to;

  • Legislate

  • Acquire, hold and dispose of, mortgage or pledge property land or buildings

  • Develop or Improve land

  • Construct buildings, invest money

  • With the consent of the Minister to provide, cooporate with a Department or other body in providing any public or social service


 Legistive powers relate to;

  • Control of licensing to mobile traders
  • Sale and distribution of alcoholic liquor
  • Parks and gardens
  • Physical planning
  • Sanitation and Garbage
  • Taxation in certain instances
  • Control of littering
  • Control of unlicensed street vending
  • Control of the sale of betel nut


The Commission may in certain circumstances also have powers to legislate in the respect of;

  • Licensing of public entertainment
  • Village courts, other than their jurisdiction
  • Community and Local Level Governments
  • Community and welfare services and development