Advertisement Policy

The display of advertising signs is an important and significant part of the modern commercial environment. It is part of an economic fucntion and contributes to the image and character of the built environment.

Whilst advertising plays a significant and necessary role, there must be control measures put in place in the form of Policy to regulate the location, design, size and layout of advertisement signage.

Advertisement signage can either enhance or detract from the exisiting built form. As too many signs, or signs which are too large or inappropriate, can dominate the urban environment and create visual clutter and disorder, particularly in areas of special character, or where signage is not and established part of the visual landscape.

It is therefore important to ensure that excessive or inappropriate signage is avoided to create a balance and harmonious built form. Signage should be effective in advertising a product or product or promoting a business, and should complement its local setting and other nearby signs.

In responding and addressing the issues mentioned above, the NCD Physical Planning Borad in its meeting No. 01/2002 approved an Interim Policy on Advertisements prepared by the NCD Physical Planning Office. It sets out the general policies for the city as a whole and specific standards for various categories of land use zones for both private and publicly owned land.

Over the years, there were changes in the development of signage trend and technology with associated issues resulting in the review of the Interim Policy on Advertisements in NCD.

Download the NCD Advertisement Policy by clicking here