Gordons Special Developement Control Policy


Approved by the NCD Physical Planning Board at Meeting No. 03/2009, 31st March 2009.

The area to which this policy relates is intersected by Waigani Drive and the Poreporena Highway. It extends from Cameron Road and Wards Road East in the north, to the Department of Works compound in the south. It is bounded in the east by Kennedy Road and the drainage reserve skirting Murray International School, the Hasting Deerings premises and part of Waigani Drive.

The bulk of the Policy Area was originally intended as an industrial area and this is still reflected by the predominance of General Industrial zoning on the NCD Zoning Plan. However, other land uses, especially commercial uses have gradually been introduced into the area over the years. Due to the continued demand for non-conforming commercial development within the subject this Policy has been prepared to help with routine decision making in this part of the NCD and to guiding future development within the Gordons Industrial Area.

The objectives of this Policy are to review the existing zoning policies in the policy area in light of the existing situation on the ground and decisions taken by the Physical Planning Board, respect the provisions of the approved NCD Urban Development Plan, and facilitate economic growth and the generation of employment.

It is intended that once implemented, the desired outcomes of this Policy in respect to giving effect to the NCD UDP Objective and ultimately the Vision of the UDP will:

Facilitate economic growth by encouraging land uses in appropriate locations.

  • Manage physical development whilst encouraging employment opportunities.
  • Recognize and promote Waigani City Centre as the dominant administrative and commercial, entertainment and recreational centre for the city.
  • Encourage the establishment of commercial activities within the designated centres. Maintain a clear separation of incompatible and conflicting uses, especially residential development in industrial areas.
  • Strengthen existing industrial areas by improving infrastructure services, intensifying manufacturing activities and phasing out non-conforming uses.
  • Preserve vacant industrial sites for industrial activities and do not approve for nonconforming uses.

You can download the policy by clicking here