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We wish to inform our valued clients that the tariff for 2019 will change. This is in consideration that the National Capital District Commission will support the management of the National Fire Service, St. Johns Ambulance team and various infrastructures changes such as the continued purchase of light poles.

This support is to ensure both organisations can effectively access the 21,000 plus commercial, residential and industrial properties in the National Capital District.

We hope to ensure services are easily available in the main surburbs of Granville, Matirogo, Boroko, Hohola, Bomana, Moresby and Port Moresby.

The intended change in tariff will be as follows:







2.59% of the Unimproved Capital Value


2.84% of the Unimproved Capital Value



4.19% of the Unimproved Capital Value


4.60% of the Unimproved Capital Value



A 5% discount is afforded to clients who pay within a month distribution of the invoice.

Please note that this is an increase of 10%* over the tariff and the amount collected will be distributed to Ambulance Services and Fire Services based on activity plans. The fee imposed on the dwelling units remain the same at K300 per dwelling.

We further advice that the Commission may allow a 25% land tax exemption on the property where the area surrounding the peripheries of the property are kept clean, tidy and beautified. Such exemption is allowed annually. This is applicable to both residential and commercial properties.

On the same note NCDC is empowered to issue penalty levy on commercial properties if their property front is not kept clean in accordance with clause 16 of the NCD Land Tax Law.

We thank you for your continued support in assisting the management of the City of Port Moresby.

Authorised By:                                               Bernard Kipit-City Manager

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