Magi Highway (6 Mile to Bautama)


A vital road that heightens the potential for Central Province to create its own Capital City
Completed. Opened: 18 May 2017


The Magi Highway section of 6 Mile to Bautama is an extremely important part of this main highway that feeds villages along the coast of eastern Central Province almost as far as the border with Milne Bay.

Stretching from 6 Mile to Bautama, the 12kilometre upgraded road provides the vital link, opens up the area and provides more incentives for Central Province to work at building its own capital city at Bautama, an effort that has been attempted several times but never really came to pass.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill opened the road in May (18th) 2017 witnessed by NCD Governor Powes Parkop, representatives from Bank South Pacific, contractor Hebou Constructions, managers and staff of NCDC, and hundreds of people living in and around the area.

The redeveloped road from Dogura into Port Moresby is one of three roads that form part of the City’s outer ring road that is spelled out in the NCD Road Master Plan, complementing the inner ring road system of Port Moresby, also being constructed since 2013.

City Manager Leslie Alu speaking at the opening ceremony said: “This road, together with two other road links will complement either National Government or the Central Province’s thrust to create ‘Central City’.”

The two outer ring roads are Bautama to 15 Mile and Dogura to Bushwara, now in their design stages.

For the 6 Mile-Bautama section of Magi, the National Capital District Commission also went a step further and included 250mm water mains along the length of the road as well as power supply for the people living in this area.

Now that it is completed and opened, 6 Mile-Bautama section of Magi Highway helps to create the foundation for Central Province’s own city and also an excellent end to the link that is being planned by Department of Works between Milne Bay and Central provinces through Magi Highway.

The Magi Highway (6 Mile-Bautama) project has cost K145.65 million (including GST and a 15% contingency which went toward the construction of the water utilities). Contractor was Hebou Constructions Ltd who was awarded the contract in October 2015 and delivered within the agreed 18 months construction period.

There was no variation (added cost) to the contract for which Mr Alu expressed much commendation to the Project Management Team.

The project is funded through a loan with Bank South Pacific.

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