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NCD Governor Powes Parkop has proposed to build a skyrail for city residents to experience the beauty of our natural environment from a bird's eye view.
He made the announcement when accompanying Minister for Environment and Conservation John Pundari to the Varirata National Park last week. The two leaders also discussed plans to improve the park and one of them is to have a sky rail built.

The proposed skyrail will start at the 14 Mile Adventure Park across the Rouna Valley, going up to the Varirata National Park to Crystal Rapids and go down to Taihera Beach.

NCDC as the municipal government of Port Moresby have got to be creative and innovative and one of the things that Governor Parkop has been working on is to build the skyrail.

"I would like to see this happen in the future in these areas however this will need the assistance of other business partners and investors from abroad".

"And I have already got the investors coming to have a look at the potential of the skyrail," Governor Parkop said. Minister Pundari supported the proposal and both departments are expected to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in the near future to make it become reality.


Minister Pundari said his department will fully support the sky rail proposal upon the endorsement of the National Executive Council (NEC) and Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

He said the sky rail will give the people of NCD and PNG an opportunity to see the beauty of our country's biodiversity from an aerial view. "I visited the city of Cairns in Australia and the skyrail at Kuranda in Cairns is a perfect tourist attraction and the people there love their place.

"Governor Parkop's idea for a sky rail will be able to give the people of NCD and PNG an opportunity to see the beauty of our country's biodiversity from an aerial view" said Minister Pundari.

Minister Pundari was grateful of Governor Parkop's vision for our capital city describing him as a great leader with lot of experience. Adding the sky rail will ensure that the residents of the city and the people of PNG will have something to look forward and enjoy with their families during their stay in the Nation's Capital," Minister Pundari said.

Also present during the meeting of the two, were Acting City Manager Leslie Alu and the Secretary for Environment and Conservation Gunter Joku, Executive Officer to Governor Parkop Terence Moka, Deputy City Manager – Works and Engineering Simon Vai and NCDC Engineers.

Governor Parkop said they could also build a resort up there or even motels for those wishing to spend holidays outside of the city.

He said that since this year has been declared as the year of implementation by the Government, "we as leaders have to walk the talk and make it happen".

The sky rail once built will be the first of its kind for Papua New Guinea.

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