Voxpop on Violence

Hercules Jim, 25, from Oro Province and Jiwaka, the Project Coordinator with CIMC. 3/10 tips to reduce Crime in Port Moresby;

1. Learn from History- PNG has a rich history of respecting, honouring and valuing each other and the people around them.

Regardless of our thousands of traditions, we all have one what we call the ‘pasin luk save’ for everyone.

Therefore, our message in the campaign for a violence free city must focus on our heritage. Restoring pride in our people.

2. Let us create an understanding that Violence is violence. Whether it’s being inflicted on a man, woman, child, someone or a different race or ethnicity let us start advocating that violence against anyone is wrong.

3. Focus on prevention: we need to focus on preventing conditions that draw people into violent or criminal behaviour.

We need a systematic, integrated and coordinated approach between the government and non- state actors.

We must support proactive community association, church groups and schools.

While we focus on prevention part of it will be awareness, create awareness and solution activities in a way where all levels of communities understand what violence is, how it affects our communities and our children and how they behave.





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