Amazing Port Moresby During Independence

By: Alu Aluvula

CELEBRATING Independence in NCD will be patriotic, as it is our cultural, political and moral obligation to lead the way for PNG, ac­cording to NCD Governor Powes Parkop. "We will celebrate with the nation and peo­ple about the Amazing city, our diversity and unity in our culture.

"We have to lead the way in honouring the past, embracing the future and lifting every­one.

NCDC has planned to work in partnership with the National Government this year in achieving this goal," he said.

Governor Parkop was speaking at the launch of the 44th Independence Celebra­tions in Port Moresby.

The event was significant for the redevel­oped old City Hall (now called Annex) as it was the first time to host such a major event. Among the invited guests included Deputy Governor for NCD, Hon Dadi Toka Jr, Member for Moresby North-East, Hon John Kaupa and City Manager, Bernard Kipit.

"I can assure all city residents that we have got an amazing three days of celebration planned for the 14th, 15th and 16th of Sep­tember," said Mr Parkop.

The Governor said that gone are the days of past disappointments, as city residents are expected to experience a top-notched event this year. "We are going to showcase PNG, its culture, tradition, singsing, bilas and we are going to mix it up with international cultures as well from around the world. We welcome the dif­ferent nationalities that reside in our city and country who have also contributed immense­ly to the development of PNG," said Parkop.

He extended an open invitation to all city residents to be part of the main event at the iconic Era Kone's 2019 Independence Street Festival which will be both a day and night program. "Our objective is to showcase to the rest of the world the rapid transformation that is taking place in our capital city so that the rest of PNG will also be transformed, be lifted and take pride in our city and our country," said the Governor.

He also commended Hon Kaupa for organ­izing his electorates independence festivities at the Jack Pidik Park and also extended the invitation for residents of Moresby North East to come out and support their member.

He further encouraged city residents to come out and support the premier institu­tion of the country, UPNG where celebrations will also be staged.

"PAU will also be having their own celebra­tions and I also urged all city residents to see the diverse culture that this institution pro­motes as they have a diversity of tradition and culture orienting from PNG and the Pa­cific Islands," added Parkop.

He continued that the #AmazingPort- Moresby team was also liaising with the Na­tional Government, to host a night program at the Independence Boulevard at Waigani on the 16th of September and a further invi­tation has been extended to the Prime Minister, Hon James Marape to attend this historic event.

"Let's all commit ourselves to the city dressing colours of our country especially red, black and gold," said Governor Parkop, adding: "Independence is a great opportuni­ty to take pride in our country and we have no excuse not to be proud of because we will be having guests from Japan, Australia, Sol­omon Islands, Jayapura and other countries to come and celebrate our day and to help us become a greater city and a greater nation because they have admired what we have done!"

"Even if it means for the leaders and poli­ticians of this nation being dressed in tradi­tional attire on Independence Day to show pride, then why not?"

"Let's be proud of our country, let’s cele­brate the 44 years with pride and dignity and inspire our people and our city, because we are 'one city, one people and one nation' and we are amazing to the rest of the world," Parkop said.





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