NCDC To Reinforce Fencing Policy

COST and security concerns have been raised by Port Moresby business houses as the National Capital District Commission gets set to impose its fencing policy.

The NCDC has given notice that by March 30, its contractors would be going around the city removing razor-wired fences on business houses that front main roads.

“We understand it is a policy that we have to go by but, for a trading company like us, we need security at all times, said Bismark Trading Limited transport manager Hitolo Mia.

“If we are to remove our fences, that means we need to increase our security manpower which is another cost to the company and the fencing itself too,” he said.

City manager Bernard Kipit said NCDC has the authority to decide what is best for the people and the city.

He said NCDC would not meet any cost as this was a policy that must be enforced, including removal of illegal fences.

“More importantly, we have to follow proper standards and procedures set out by the authority.

“This is a policy that the board has decided to create to outlaw specific fencings that do not fit the desired outcome of the authority in improving the city standards.

“We are changing and developing and people should think differently,” Mr Kipit said.

The desired outcome of the fencing policy was to ensure fences contribute positively to the public domain, complement and conserve visual character of the street and neighbourhood while providing security for the property owners and respond to the architectural character of the building that they front.

“Under the policy solid fences such as colour-bound or sheet metal panels and continuous brick fences shall be discouraged.

“Razor wires are completely banned throughout the city. The alternative fences are of standard and will also provide security if that is the concern,” Mr Kipit said.

He said fencing alternatives are provided by the NCD physical and building board and those interested could enquire at the regulatory division.

Mr Kipit said a fencing proposal must be submitted to the physical planning and building board before erecting a fence (only the alternative fences provided by NCDC).

The alternative fencing includes spike fencing, electrical fencing, wireless mesh fencing and palisade fencing. He also warned that there is penalty in place for those who continue to defy the policy.




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