Former Solomon Islands diplomat impressed with city transformation


FORMER Solomon Islands diplomat Rex Horoi could not hold back his excitement on the in- frastructural transformation the city has gone through.
He returned to the city which was hosting him for his education studies at the Universi- ty of Papua New Guinea some 39 years ago in early 1980s.
Ambassador Horoi said he arrived with his delegation at the Jacksons International Air- port from Honiara on September 12, 2019 to many infrastructural changes which did not exist during the duration of his studies.
As Melanesians, they were invited by NCD Governor Powes Parkop to join the country having marked its 44th Independence Day celebration in the city.
He was the former Solomon Islands Ambas- sador to the United Nations Organisation, the United States of America and Canada.
“I am impressed by the transformation the city has gone through under the leadership of NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
We came with warm gratitude and to wish the people and the government of PNG, in particular the citizens of Port Moresby, happy celebrations,” he told City Sivarai.
Accordingly to him, Governor Parkop has led the Pacific in developing a liveable city in the region, saying: “We hope that the future of Pacific cities will take after Port Moresby.”
He continued that the massive infrastruc- tures and the road networks did not exist dur- ing his stay.
“I was a student here in 1982 and 1983. We didn’t have these buildings and road networks
like you have today. We did not have Ela Beach like it is now. We did not have these massive infrastructures that the city is a home to. Here is the man (Governor Powes Parkop) who is taking the lead. Honiara, Port villa, Suva and New Caledonia also need to take after this. Also, the people of West Papua are waiting for this leadership. We came with greetings from civil societies in the Solomon  Islands. He (Parkop) is going to be the leader who will long be remembered,” he said.
Grace Hilly, of Solomon Islands in Solidarity of West Papua, was also part of the delegation. She was in town to join the country cele-
brated its Independence Day.
“On behalf of Solomon Islands Solidary for West Papua, we are so thankful for being invit- ed to be part of the celebration. Despite hav- ing still a long way to go, you are leading the




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