The team at National Capital District Commission (NCDC) has been hard at work on our strategic plan for the next five years.

Our vision is to build a greater future for our city. Our goals are clearly defined:

The city should be peaceful, smart, clean, healthy and liveable. It will be a cosmopolitan city comprising communities from all parts of Papua New Guinea, the region and the world. A city that people choose to live, work and raise their families because of its opportunities, its lifestyle, its liveability and quality of life. A key part of this goal is to make our city become ONE city.

To help understand and visualise the strategies towards achieving our vision we have created a diagram that will be incorporated in to our Strategic Plan. The diagram outlines 6 strategies:

  1. Upgrading of settlements to suburbs;
  2. The modernisation of Motu Koita villages;
  3. The continuous improvement of our suburbs;
  4. Improvement of health and education in our city;
  5. The elimination of violence in our city, especially in regard to creating a safe environment for women and girls; and
  6. Getting the basics right in relation to creating a clean and healthy city

It is important that not only we understand our vision and mission, but that all residing in our capital city also understand. We need “buy in” and ownership from everyone. Already, significant moves are underway, and we have achieved positive outcomes. We look forward to building a greater future for our city.



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