Tourist spends holiday entertaining PNG people

By Wanpis Ako

TOURISTS often enjoy interesting things a host country offers. They are treated to shopping, visiting places, dining, hiking, bird watching, adventures, trekking, diving, cultural tourism, kayaking, historical tourism and travelling.

However, it was a win-win holiday for a Brazilian tourist who visited the city this month to spend his two-week holiday. He decided to give entertainment and fun back to the city during his stay so he followed Active City Development’s PNG Circus to the public areas and communities. He also accompanied NCD Governor Powes Parkop out of the city to Karkar Island in Madang where he was entertaining a crowd with his juggling moves at the Island’s Bilum Festival. Some of the places he was performing in the city include Tabari place, Gordons and Nine-Mile to name the three.

At Paga Hill Ring road after the end of the Walk and Yoga for Life program, Rogerio Piva was tossing objects into the air to the beat of the music during his performance. He lives in Australia. He learnt about Active City Development program’s PNG Circus troupe online, the first in the country.

Piva established contacts with ACDP which later helped him to visit the country and entertained city residents with his juggling circus whilst spending his holiday. He was out at settlements and suburbs in the city to entertain more residents.

He said PNG was a lovely country with friendly and ever-smiling people. He visited the country, especially #AmazingPortMoresby after falling in love with PNG Circus. This in itself speaks heaps about the transformational outcomes the program has positively impacted on the communities. It is a testament in itself. Piva is a professional juggler and lives in Australia.

He said he enjoyed the hospitality the residents provided, adding this is a country worth visiting as positive realities on the ground do not reconcile with what has been narrated about the city. “My days in Papua New Guinea has been discoveries. My heart overflows with emotion, because I am the first in their lives, the first clown and the first juggler. So, they received me, without even knowing what’s going on... I have every face in the memory, every smile and a little bit of each inside me,” he said. The juggler was also advocating for positive attitudes by youths. He continued that he was going to share his experience with fans and friends about how amazing the city is. He left the country at the end of the month.

He described the places he visited and performed at as ‘you were the best of events that could pass me, saying he was very grateful and that ‘our tune follows wherever we are.’ After returning from the festival on the Island, he wrote on his Facebook Page. “This is the island of Karkar in Papua New Guinea. This island is home to many tribes that inhabit it for many generations. I was invited to this amazing trip by the governor of the capital of the country, who witnessed my work and enchanted. On this trip, it looked like a documentary expedition. We went by plane, then long road by car and a long boat trip over the sea that was tormented and filled me with fear, the storm was intense and after a lot of difficulty, the island seemed to arise out of nowhere and there, they were waiting for us. “The Island does not count on everything, energy, nor running water, the inhabitants live as their ancestors and follow faithfully to their cultures.

The Island is difficult to access and there is no tourism which makes the place remain completely original. When I arrive, I am looked everywhere and smiles receive me with enthusiasm, in the curiosity of what I would bring. “White man “, so they called me, right after “Circus man “, yes! For I had an amazing show... it was a dream come true, to get to a place so far away and isolated with my art, breaking all the borders that fear and ignorance imposes on us. I met a little bit of the immense diversity of cultures and enchanted with their corners, with their songs and garments.




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