Media Brief on City Hall Project
The Commission operates from three different buildings in the city; City Hall, Tarport and Lakatoi Haus; where the first two are owned by us, the latter is leased.

The proposal to build a New City Hall started 6 years ago using borrowed funds and structured in such a way that the servicing of Loan equal to rental savings. Initially, we started the design with the budget of K15 million for a 3000 sqm building and when the design finally completed after 6 years, the size of the building is upgraded to reflect what is getting contracted today.

We tendered the project in late 2012 with two options; one is to build the City Hall using our custom design; and two is to seek proposal for BOT. After the assessment of the bids from both options, the Board decided to go with the building of the custom designed option as it was assessed feasible and financially beneficial to NCDC.

The following are the features:

  • The size of the building is 5,728 Sqm.
  • There will be a total of five levels, where the first four floors are for office and top floor is for staff gatherings.
  • The new Building will be next to the current city Hall and both buildings will be connected via a bridge.
  • The building will commence immediately and is expected to complete in mid May 2015, just on time for the Pacific Games. The construction period is 633 days plus 30 days for site possession.
  • The contractor will be China Railway Construction Engineering Ltd (CRCE).
  • The Project will be managed by an independent Project Manager Creative Resolutions (Aus) Limited
  • The Building cost is K48.18 million for the building. Fit out cost K4.82 million.
  • This will be funded by bank loan from BSP.
national capital district Commission
national capital district Commission