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RE-ELECTED National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has set his sights on a collaborative effort by his team of newly and re-elected Members of Parliament during this five-year-term, vowing to focus on addressing squatter settlement and indigenous issues whilst continuing with the physical improvements to Port Moresby City.

Mr Parkop, re-elected for his third term in office, immediately made known his plans for the National Capital, prioritising these four areas – capital and civic improvements, squatter settlements, local Motuan villages, and anti-violence and urban safety.

“Our city is changing fast and our three main priority areas apart from the ongoing infrastructure developments are – firstly to put an end to settlements by upgrading them to suburbs where they will have the proper services of roads, drainage, water, sewage, sanitation and power supply,” he said.

“Secondly, to modernise the Motuan and Koitabuan villages as they have made huge sacrifices for the development of our city. We want to restore their dignity and pride as they also have a very rich culture that is iconic for this city.

“Thirdly, to show zero tolerance to violence at all levels,” said Governor Parkop.

He openly urged the three Members of Parliament of the Open Electorates – Moresby South, Moresby North-East and Moresby North-West – to work together with him in addressing these pressing issues and achieving results.

PHOTO CAPTION: Hanuabada, the biggest of the Motuan villages within the vicinity of Port Moresby, will take centre stage when Governor Parkop begins his implementation plans for the improvement of local urban villages within the next five years.


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  1. Ao Gau Morea

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for retaining the Governor seat for the third time.

    As an elder and professional from the big village, the Poreporena HB, I sincerely thank the good Lord for you and your team in giving us the honor and preference in your development plan to modernize our village within the next 5 years.

    I want to take this opportunity to request that prior to any awareness done on the concept plan, you must have an audience with a selected professionals purposely to strategize and set clear pathway with positive mindset to carry out awareness in the communities. Thus, preventing confusion & misunderstanding with the people.

    I am volunteering to be one of the selected members for the way forward.
    Thank you and God bless for your concern. Hope to hearing from you soon.

    Kindest regards,



    Our main issue is land registration for all land belonging to Motu Koita people. Modernising Hanuabada must be done in close consultation with villagers. We need to be engaged from planning to implementation. We must be designers and active participants in this modernisation program. Our land including the Koura Way has been opened without compensation, proper consultation and engagement. This is total ignorance on my people. For how can we modernise our villages without proper land titles to our land?

  3. Ben Yalo

    Please advise the current tenants and occupants of the institutional houses within Portion 832 Kogeva Kilakila regarding the Settlement to Surbub Upgrading and Development Programs.

    Thank you
    Ben Yalo

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