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BEGINNING in September, the National Capital Capital District Commission will start spot fining those still vending and selling food and items in public places while those failing to pay up will be ordered to endure given hours of community service.

The enforcement of the Public Health Act and various other laws relating to public health and safety follows the launch of Operation Klinim Mosbi, which took place on Tuesday 15 August 2017 by City Manager Leslie Alu at City Hall.

Operation Klinim Mosbi (Operation Cleaning Moresby) began late July when NCDC made a public announcement advising all vendors, hawkers and sellers using public areas to make business to start returning to proper designated markets to conduct their vending. Concurrently, a workshop was held to upskill enforcement officers of the Commission on the conduct of the operation.

After the launch, NCDC Reserve Police and NCDC health inspectors will be stepping up the awareness campaign until September by visiting targetted areas to urge vendors to move away from these public spaces. Targetted are all public area such as shop fronts, bus stops, traffic lights, school premises, office fronts and other such spaces.

City Manager Leslie Alu has urged all Port Moresby vendors to return to designated markets to sell their wares. He said NCDC police, with assistance from the Royal PNG Constabulary, will purposefully remove all illegal and unwanted vending and make sure all vendors return to city markets.

"Our enforcement officers will be guided by the relevant laws on Informal Development Control Act, the Public Health Regulations, Food Sanitation Regulation and others," he said.

"The public must know that Port Moresby is not a village but a modern city and the Capital City of PNG, guided by laws, rules and regulations established for the benefit of everyone and we are simply enforcing these laws."

Coordinator of NCDC Reserve Police Benjamin Bala said spot fines of up to K200 will be imposed on offenders and failure to pay up will mean these people will be told to clean some part of the city that is full of rubbish and needs cleaning as part of their community service "punishment". All spot fines will be paid at the City Hall cashier.

Operation Klinim Mosbi will also cover the domestication of farm animals outside of their proper locations as well.

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  1. Daniel

    Completely and utterly concur with the concept of Klinim Mosbi. Would suggest if you can also set up a team to go around and check those Asian Kai bars/restaurants. This Asiasn are operating with no proper documents and also providing cheap and unhealthy services to us PNGeans. Conditions of their kai bars are unhealthy and unhygienic.

  2. Paias Wanni

    This is a good move however the enforcing agents (NCD Reserve Police Unit & PNGC Police) seem to be compromised as seen in the initial buai ban where they were the ones providing logistics for buai smuggling into the city. The City Rangers policing the ban are also from a particular area of the country and they seem to be siding with their own wantoks and abetting the illegal vending of goods.

    NCDC should start with recruiting a whole new cadre of enforcers to police this informal public space markets ban.

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