Strengthening Local Governments: Bougainville case -Anton Goie

Scope for strengthening local governments - case study of AROB Community Governments with Anton Goie.

Anton Goie has had a long career, both as a researcher, former provincial planner and adviser, working with communities and sub-national governments, at the provincial and local level, across Papua New Guinea from Western Province, across the Highlands and the New Guinea islands, and over several years in the Autonomous Regional of Bougainville.

In Bougainville a novel system of local government has been applied, partly built upon traditional arrangements and chiefly authority.

As elsewhere in PNG, the public service and political mechanisms of the State are relatively weak.

Local formal, semi-formal or community-based mechanisms function better in many parts of the country and in Bougainville these have been better established and supported, and perhaps been more effective, than in most parts of the country.

Anton Goie will share with us his years of experience of working with the Community Governments in Bougainville, attached to a development assistance program, as well as expressing his appreciation for this island region...




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