Public Transport System
The National Capital District Commission continues to buy more large buses to provide a reliable, decent and affordable public transport in Port Moresby.

The public transport system in the National Capital District PMV (Public Motor Vehicle) System is easy enough to use and a little daunting at first.

Port Moresby is served by Jacksons International Airport, the biggest international airport and Papua New Guinea Defence Force Air Wing base in the country. Air Niugini and Airlines PNG both conduct regular domestic and international services from the airport, while Virgin Australia flies to Brisbane. Jacksons has international flights to Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney, Honiara, Nadi, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

As the national highway system is not fully linked, there are many internal flights to other towns which cannot be reached by ground transport, such as minibuses, known locally as PMVs (Public Motor Vehicles).

The Commission under NCD Governor Powes Parkop leadership has been trying its best in the recent years to provide a reliable, decent and affordable public transport system in the city.

The responsibility for planning, managing and operating the public transport system in Port Moresby is still the responsibility of the National Government through the National Road Transport Board.

public transport

This is unlike the Provinces where the Provincial Government has control and powers on this service.

The sooner this responsibility is transferred to the National Capital District Commission, the better it will be for all our residents, business houses, government department and visitors to our City.

NCDC has been doing its best to build up an alternative public transport system in the last three years.

With the donated buses from Brisbane City Council, we have been trying out different concept that hopefully will give daily commuters and the general public an alternative to the privately owned public transport system (PMVs).

The Commission had recently purchased five (10) brand new buses from India to add to this fleet and will continue to do so and explore until we formulate and put in place a system that is efficient, reliable and affordable for our commuters and the general public.

NCDC has not formulated a comprehensive plan for an alternative public transport system yet for the city because the legal responsibility still remains with the National Road Transport Board.

national capital district Commission
national capital district Commission

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