Trade & Liquor Licensing Application Forms

Application Forms


Trade & Liquor Licensing forms are normally categorised into different aspects of services provided. Prior to issuance of any Trade or Liquor Licenses in the NCD, we comply to our set of regulations beforehand and we advise applicants during the application process.   

Below are the list of forms tabled as per the types of services that applicants are advised to apply for.

Click below to download the NCD Trade & Liquor Licensing Application Forms.

Liquor Application Forms:

No. Application Forms Downloads (PDF)
1 Cabaret pdf
2 Club License pdf
3 Dealers pdf
4 Dinner - Special Permit License pdf
5 Publican, Tavern, Limited Hostel pdf
6 Restaurant pdf
7 Storekeepers pdf

Trade Application Forms:

No. Application Forms Downloads (PDF)
1 Barber's Shop License pdf
2 Second Hand Dealer pdf
3 Standard pdf

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