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The East Morata District Master Plan (EMDMP) is part of eight (8) districts or planning precincts identified in the 8/9 Mile Interim Local Development Plan undertaken by the Strategic Planning Section of the NCDC Regulatory Services in 2010. Development strategies and controls for the East Morata District (EMD) were not formulated due to lack of cohesion and setbacks in manpower and resources available at that time.

Since 2010, the 8/9 Mile area has experienced a dramatic increase in both formal and informal development with residential use comprising the highest land use type. In the same token, informal housing has also increased rapidly with more people resorting to informal estates and self-help housing driven by the increasing un-regulated housing rentals.

Current development trend is seen to be moving along a north-easterly corridor toward the 8/9 Mile area which is likely to result in an increase in density. This may also be attributed to the ease with which land is accessed as traditional owners transact directly with developers often times ignoring and neglecting planning principles and requirements.

The EMDMP was prepared mostly from background information extracted from the 8/9 Mile Interim Local Development Plan which was further verified with a land use and physical environment study of the plan area.

The plan area also includes the Flight path comprising the Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS)– approach and take-off. Of concern are the approach and the inner horizontal surfaces which take up two thirds of the study area. The National Airports Corporation (NAC) which is responsible for all aerodrome land (including lands within the OLS) have recommended for all area s directly affected by the Flight Path be development-free due to noise pollution. This is further discussed under Section 4.

It is also important to note from the outset that the greatest challenge within the plan area has been the setup of the informal settlements and its associated social problems. It (settlements) forms the backdrop of this plan to create a sustainable community at an acceptable standard with clean and safe environment.

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