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The Boroko Commercial Centre at Tabari Place is a centrally located Commercial Precint Located within the National Capital District. The site is recognized as a major centre within the region. The site provide users with opportunities to purchase goods and services as well as opportunites to socialize and enjoy the market offerings.
While the precicnt has historically been a thriving place of business for both storefront, Commercial Retailers and Restaurants, the site has developed a reputation for being crowded, chaotic and unsafe. Parking is an issue, as is access to the site for both pedestrians and automobiles.
The Tabari Place master plan has been commissioned by the National Capital District Commission in order to provide a format for the revitalisation of this significant place.
This plan set has been prepared by Cardno Acil in collaboration with several of Cardno’s International offices.

Click below to download the Boroko Commercial Center Master Plan:

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