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Approved by the NCD Physical Planning Board at Meeting No. 07&08/2016, 13th December 2016.

The Erima Roundabout Development Plan was reviewed in response to concerns in preferred Land Uses by the NCD Physical Planning Board and after the construction of the Kumul Flyover.
The Plan acts as a guide to development and changes in Land Use & Controls so that the physical environment can best serve the community within the subject area.
To achieve this, the Plan aims to;
  •  Promote & encourage development where appropriate;
  •  Indicates land where there are opportunities for changing;
  •  Gives clear location reference to policies for development, change of use or conservation of land and proposals for development;
  •  Show how those who have an interest in the area could contribute to its implementation e.g. indigenous people, private owners, residents, developers, investors & government.
  •  Provides an adequate basis for development control.

The outcome of the Plan is to promote improvement in the function, built form and character for the subject area through planning for infrastructure services by the Government and/or in joint ventures with private developers/investors over the opportunities created.

Click below to download Erima Subject Development Plan FAQ brochure.

Download_Erima Subject Development Plan_FAQ Brochure_pdf.

The Kumul Flyover - Erima, Port Moresby, National Capital District.


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