National Capital District Urban Development Plan

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Approved by the NCD Physical Planning Board at Meeting No. 10/2007, 8th November 2007 and gazetted as No. G82 – 8th May 2008.

The National Capital District Urban Development Plan (NCDUDP) is a statutory development plan covering the whole of the National Capital District and is the first master plan with legal backing. The vision encapsulated in the NCDUDP is "To make the National Capital District a vibrant, attractive, sustainable and livable city for all".

The entire NCDUDP provides a strategic guide for broad land use and service infrastructure until the year 2015. It provides a framework for the preparation of more detailed Local Development Plans and incorporates wide-ranging policies on facilitating economic growth through appropriate land management, protecting valued environmental features, incorporating social issues into planning decisions, proving opportunities for efficient transport and mobility and safeguarding development from natural risk.

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