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Approved by the NCD Physical Planning Board at Meeting No. 09/2010, 30th September 2010 and gazetted as No. G167 – 23rd June 2011

The 8/9 Mile Interim Local Development Plan (2010 – 2015) is a five year Plan which provides guidance for land use and physical and infrastructure development, economic and social aspects of people’s livelihoods within the 8/9 Mile Local Planning Area of the National Capital District as well as allow for an integrated and comprehensive concept of urban development.

The Plan was prepared from a background study of existing land uses, physical environment and infrastructure within the plan area. This study highlighted the important roles, both realized and unrealized, that the 8/9 Mile area plays in the NCD context including:

  •  Its location along one of the main routes and at the eastern gateway to Central Province means that it can be seen as the nexus between the urban NCD and rural Central Province giving rise to the potential to function as an interchange in transport and business;
  •  Potential to serve as a new urban district with supporting services and land uses which would be primarily residential development with the introduction of industrial and commercial activities in the major and minor commercial centres as the main economic base;
  •  Potential to reduce cross-city travel and foster the growth of the local economy through the provision of employment areas for un-skilled and semi-skilled labour drawing supply from the settlements in the area; and
  •  Adequate land given for housing developments to cater for the increased demand.

It further provided the inter-relationships between the various factors from which the appropriate land use plan and infrastructure expansion program that provided the best outcome on the quality of life was developed. And to achieve the desired outcome, this Plan sets out the development control and permissible uses for each of the 8 district within the Plan area.

Click below to download the 8/9 Mile Interim Local Development Plan and Maps:

8/9 Mile Interim Local Development plan_download pdf.

No. Maps - 8/9 Mile Interim LDP Downloads (PDF)
1 Plan Boundary pdf
2 Population Density pdf
3 Land Use pdf
4 Existing Zoning pdf
5 Constraints & Factors pdf
6 Natural Environment pdf
7 Social & Cultural Features pdf
8 Settlement Categories pdf
9 Road Hierachy pdf
10 Road Type & Condition pdf
11 Water & Communication pdf
12 District Boundaries pdf
13 Proposed Zoning pdf
14 Core District tif
15 Moitaka - 8 Mile tif
16 Bomana tif
17 Iwa Garu tif
18 Neibira tif
19 Mt. Eriama tif
20 Eriama East tif
21 Morata East tif
22 Geomorphology pdf
23 Topography tif
24 Slope Categories pdf

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