THE National Capital District Commission supports 96 registered government schools within National Capital District in two general areas: - providing essential education infrastructure for schools including covering the cost of administration overheads (water & sewerage costs) and providing and improving resource materials to elevate education standards and achieve quality education.

The 96 NCD schools are broken down as follows: 42 Elementary Schools, 39 Primary Schools, 10 Secondary Schools, 5 Vocational Schools. As guided by its mission statement to "provide and improve education infrastructure and training facilities and resources to schools to achieve quality education”, NCDC - through its Education Services Division - works at ensuring that these schools are well equipped with vital education resources to allow for a conducive learning environment.

NCDC does this by a) enhancing, implementing and improving existing school facilities through the Education Infrastructure Development Program, b) supplying these schools with learning materials for students with the aim of  achieving quality education, and c) making sure that these schools receive water and sewerage subsidy. Working closely with the National Department of Education, NCD Branch, the NCDC through its Education Services Division, has over the years been rehabilitating the infrastructures of Port Moresby schools.

Schools Infrastructure Development Program: A School Infrastructure Development Program targets the upgrading and development of classrooms, teachers’ houses and learning facilities and has been successful in upgrading the physical standard of most schools in the NCD.

Resource Enhancement Program: A Learning Materials Distribution Program for Quality Education is also being undertaken by the Division and has been continued over the years. This aims at improving the access to resources to help achieve quality education for children in Port Moresby. Recently, NCDC has taken an added step by providing electronic tablets to schools to complement and grow the e-granary library to allow research and quality education.

Tertiary Vocational Education Training (TVET): For Vocational Centres, the Tertiary Vocational Education Training (TVET) has very successfully given second-chance opportunities to many young people marginalized by a competitive and overloaded education system by giving them trade skills and helping them to find a footing in formal employment. Two scholarship programs, opened through the NCD Governor’s Office and the Office of the Member for Moresby South, and supported by the NCDC, provides the financial backing to these otherwise disadvantaged young men and women. Since its inception some 10 years ago, the TVET scholarships have successfully seen to the up-skilling and employment of thousands of young Papua New Guineans in NCD.



Ms Laka Arere, NCDC Education Services Division Manager

Telephone: 324 0658, 324 0625