Social Services

THE National Capital District Commission works at addressing the issues of human empowerment and community building through these areas - Gender, Youth and Sports.



The Commission focuses on three main areas in addressing gender-based issues. These are Economic Empowerment, Health & Wellbeing (including Gender-Based Violence), and Leadership & Good Governance. The Commission works with up to 10,000 Port Moresby women annually in its various empowerment programs by providing capacity-building training through its Social Services (Gender Desk) Division.

Safer City Program: The notable one currently being embarked upon is the Safer City Program undertaken in partnership with UN Women which targets the safety and security of women in markets of Port Moresby, especially Port Moresby’s main market, Gordon Market. The program is continuing and so far has successfully mobilised vendors into registered groups with representation to the NCD Commission. It also identifies unemployed youths resorting to petty crimes at the Market and works at empowering them with skills training to become more useful citizens of Port Moresby.

Gender-Based Violence/Family Sexual Violence: From these collaborative efforts has come a partnership between Gender-oriented organisations in NCD that has given birth to a working committee called the NCD Family Sexual Violence Action Committee. The NCD FSVAC works at fighting the plague of Gender Based Violence (GVB) and Family Sexual Violence (FSV). About 2015, a secretariat was established within NCDC to manage and implement the work of the NCD FSVAC, mostly by dealing with practical cases of GBV and FSV and assisting victims to find referral pathways and final healing and closure. The secretariat runs concurrent with the Gender Desk.

National/NCD Council of Women:  The National Capital District Commission also works with women leaders of National Capital District through the NCD Council of Women, a woman’s body registered through the National Department for Community Development, and its sub-branch, the NCD Council of Women. Through its Gender Desk, the NCDC provides technical advice and support to the NCD Council of Women, and works with almost a 100 women leaders from across the 12 wards of NCD.



Youth Empowerment in Papua New Guinea’s urban centres is quite probably every city council’s most challenging task because of the issues every young Papua New Guinean faces. In Port Moresby, these issues are almost common across the broad spectrum of the city’s unemployed youth demographic – incomplete formal education, rural-urban drift frequency, lack of skills, unemployment, lack of financial capacity, and the list may continue.

Although challenging because of the fluidity in youth movement from area-to-area within the city or city-to-village-to-city, the National Capital District Commission, through its Youth Desk, has been trying to coordinate, register, analyse and find solutions to help the youth of Port Moresby.