City Sivarai


Today, Governor NCD, Hon. Powes Parkop, hosted the 1ST WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2023 MEETING at the 2nd Floor Meeting Room in Annex, NCDC.

The meeting was attended by the Amazing Port Moresby Events and Communications Team, NCDC Events, Community & Social Services, Education, and Finance Departments, as well as the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium team.

Governor was presented with the concept plan for this year's World Environment Day themed “Solutions to Plastic Pollution” #BeatPlasticPollution, and a discussion and brainstorming was held then after with all present.

"I am happy to note that we are starting the preparation ahead of the event. Events, PR and Media are very important and powerful tools to increase awareness of the Commission's work, gain the attention of our city residents and shape the city towards a safe, clean, healthy and planned city," said Governor at the end of the meeting.

More preparation updates and meeting with various other stakeholders are coming soon.