16th Sep, 23

NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop paid tribute to physiotherapists nationwide and overseas for the important duties they perform in helping patients recover from their medical conditions.


He paid this tribute while celebrating World Physiotherapy Day last Friday in Amazing Port Moresby.

Drawing from his own recent medical condition, Governor Parkop, a preventive health champion, highlighted the critical roles physiotherapists play in patient care.


He continued, emphasizing that physiotherapists are essential for patients' care and rehabilitation, particularly after surgery or infection.

Reflecting on his recent medical emergency in Gold Coast, Governor Parkop underscored the significant role physiotherapists played in his rehabilitation.


Using this occasion, Governor Parkop also highlighted the city's health goals, urging everyone to take them seriously.

He called on everyone to embrace the vision and journey of building a healthier and safer city.


“I want to remind us of our vision to be a healthy, clean, safe, and well-planned city,” he said.

“Lifestyle diseases are on the rise, and it's everyone's responsibility to prioritize their own health through healthy habits that prevent illness before medical intervention is necessary.

This vision is crucial for everyone,” he added.