City Sivarai

The City Manager On Meeting Our Daily Challenges

We are faced with challenges almost on a daily basis. The challenges come in varying proportions and intensities and often dictate to us our circumstances. How we handle the challenges is much dependent on our individual capabilities and boils down to skills, knowhow and experience including resources.

On occasions, we stand up to the challenges and overcome the situations we are placed in and there are the occasions where we fall prey to the challenges and the impact of the repercussions are felt accordingly and at times to the extremes. It is essential and requires a lot on our part for preparedness in expectation of challenges on the belief that life is full of challenges, every day is a challenge when we least expect it and life sets us a challenge.

Challenge is therefore inevitable in life and it is up to us as to how we deal with it and the option to be defeated lies squarely in our hands. When we do fall to the challenge, than it becomes an obstacle in life. Studies have shown that challenges in fact strengthen us and the more challenges we face, the stronger we become. So it seems predestined that we must learn to face challenges to take our place in the world.

From private encounters to the public domain, a challenge is bound to happen and NCDC as the municipal authority of the city is no exception to challenges. NCDC has infact greater challenges at hand on a daily basis considering the diversity it has to deal with in the city.

Port Moresby’s population make up as a mini Papua New Guinea without doubt places NCDC in a demanding position to appropriately administer its municipal and civic services to the city residents. Given the diversity in backgrounds and great disparities in the levels of understanding and appreciation of the issues at hand, differing settings is unavoidable and that I guess is the greatest challenge, NCDC as the municipal authority of Port Moresby is faced with.

One solution to a challenging issue may be appropriate to one group but may not be so for another group. NCDC is placed in this dilemma by the diversity in the city but by virtue of its municipal obligation, NCDC is duty-bound to attend to the issues affecting the city residents and to provide solutions.

COVID – 19 has been the biggest challenge of late for the city as the impact of this global pandemic has hit hard our nation and brought with it misery for families, business houses and the government. The pandemic dawned on us when we least expected it and the expectation on the people was to comply with the safety measures or the protocols with the underlying objective to contain the spread and reduce the impact.