City Sivarai


The National Capital District Commission (NCDC) is set to elevate the standards of schools rugby league in collaboration with the Papua New Rugby Football League (PNGRFL). Governor of National Capital District Hon. Powes Parkop announced this initiative during the Grand Final of the NCD Schools Rugby League (NCDSRL) competition at Santos National Football Stadium (NFS) on Sunday.

Governor Parkop ceremonially kicked off the NCDSRL Girls Under-18 Grand Final between St. Paul's Primary and Phillip Aravure Primary School, with his Executive Officer Dr. Newton Albert, NCDC Community and Social Services Director Janet Haua, NCDC Sports Desk Manager Dianne Paliau, and Sports Officer Simon Nuabo in attendance.

Acknowledging the dedicated efforts of NCDSRL President Arnold Gende in sustaining the competition for the past seven years, Governor Parkop affirmed NCDC's commitment to support NCDSRL in 2024, aiming to transform it into a genuine schools rugby league competition.

Starting next year, Governor Parkop envisions NCDSRL hosting competitions in each of the Moresby Northeast, Moresby Northwest, and Moresby South suburbs. NCDC will contribute by providing infrastructure, stadiums, and rugby league fields to alleviate congestion at Taurama Barracks Field.

Governor Parkop emphasized the significance of schools league in fostering the early development of skills, talent, and strength in young players. He identified the current focus on elite levels by PNGRFL, emphasizing the need for a shift towards junior rugby league and schools rugby league competitions.

This week, Governor Parkop plans to meet with PNGRFL CEO Stanley Hondina to discuss collaborative strategies for developing rugby league in the city. Part of the agenda includes affiliating and registering all rugby league competitions and tournaments under PNGRFL, covering off-season leagues, Motu Koitabu Rugby League (MKRL), Port Moresby Suburban Rugby League (POMSRL), Moresby South Rugby League (MSRL), Port Moresby Rugby Football League (POMRFL), and NCD Schools Rugby League (NCDSRL).

Governor Parkop emphasized PNGRFL's role in setting standards and regulating the game, with NCDC as a strategic partner in elevating the standards of rugby league in the city. NCDSRL President Arnold Gende expressed gratitude to Governor Parkop for the support, noting the collaborative effort with NCDC.

In attendance at the NCDSRL Grand Final were representatives from POMRFL, Manu Lofena, and former Kumul Mark Mom of Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL). Mark Mom, the NRL Development Officer, is actively working with PNGRFL to enhance junior and schools rugby league development in the country.