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The Chairman for the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Gender Equality, Women's Empowerment and Gender-Based Violence, Hon Powes Parkop calls for a paradigm shift in ending Gender-Based Violence and other forms of violence in the country.

Speaking on Friday morning in Amazing Port Moresby after the end of the Annual Elimination of Violence against women walk, an initiative coordinated by Bel Isi PNG, Governor Parkop said gender equality and women empowerment should be used as a means to end all forms of violence.

Governor Parkop said working to preventing and responding to GBV and other forms of violence against women, has been his one his priority goal of his entire adult life.

He highlighted that everyone has equal right to be safe and free because peace is a basic human right.

" Parliament has dropped the reference to Gender Based Violence in our Committee and we (the members of the parliamentary committee) have to manifest that by shifting our attention, energy and resources to promoting gender equality and women empowerment as a means to ending gender-based violence. After all, GBV is but a symptom of inequality and disempowerment," he said.

Commending Bel Isi PNG and its affiliates in the corporate sector for the wonderful work they have been doing, Governor Parkop said this does not mean they all stop addressing GBV and safety at work places and home.

He said: "We all have to continue our effort to make work environment safe and equally make our homes safe by applying code of ethics that applies to all employees at work and home. At the same time, we must also lift the profile on promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment."

“We must shift from victimisation to empowerment and equality. We have focused only on GBV, family sexual violence, violence against women in last 30 years and that alone has not stopped prevalent of GBV. We must equally shift to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment as a key, if not, a major strategy to end GBV.”

Governor Parkop further called on the public sector to take the cue from the private sector which has made great advancement in this regard.

In the public sector, NCDC has set the gold standard in addressing GBV and other forms of violence, subjecting its workers, contractors and their employees to the zero-tolerance of GBV policy.

On Friday as well, the Board of NCDC under Chairmanship of Governor Parkop also endorsed its new GBV Strategy 2023 to 2027.