City Sivarai



NCD Governor, Hon. Powes Parkop and City Manager Ravu Frank hosted the first stakeholder dialogue at the City Hall Annex on Friday to hear their suggestions and refine strategies for transforming Boroko Central Business District to its former glory.

Speaking during the opening of the meeting, Governor Parkop reminisced on Boroko being the commercial and entertainment hub of the city in the good old days, the 1980s, and how he wished to return or bring it back to its glory days and make it a livable CBD, and even a lovable CBD in the near future.

Governor Parkop said it had become a great concern to him personally and as the elected representative.

Like everyone else, he had fond memories of the place.

Governor Parkop said he came to the city in 1977 as a 16-year-old attending Sogeri National High School.

He assured the stakeholders that NCDC is committed to returning Boroko to its former glory, saying it can be delivered in collaboration.

Strategic presentations were made by relevant members of the NCDC’s top management.

The majority of stakeholders participated in the dialogue with nostalgia and interest. In response to the presentations, they also raised issues and suggested solutions to become part of NCDC’s overall strategies for the Boroko Precinct Transformation project. NCDC and the National Government are jointly funding the project.

The key issues raised include security and safety, harassment, traffic congestion, irregular police visibility, malfunctioning street lights, street vending, betel-nut spittle, graffiti, short trading hours, irregular rubbish collection...etc.

Governor Parkop also impressed them with the level of success at the Kone to Koki (Ela Beach Precinct), making them comfortable that the same template will be used at Boroko.

In closing, City Manager Ravu Frank commended them for their participation and ideas.

He said NCDC has already engaged contractors to fix lights, roads, and drainages and clean the area.

He said a committee would be set up amongst the stakeholders present to sustain and further the dialogues.

Mr Frank added that the stakeholder suggestions and comments would be refined and reflected in strategies for the project.