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PORT MORESBY: NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop called on youths to respect each other and other people's properties because the country counts on them to move it forward.

Governor Parkop delivered a resounding speech at Unagi Oval during the 48th Independence Celebrations, reminding people of the beautiful story of our nation and the spirit and intentions of our foundation.

He paid homage to our founders, who came together from all four corners of our nation with different customs and languages. Under the leadership of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, they agreed to forge a nation.

Our founders had the confidence and belief that we could succeed despite being a people with a thousand different tribes and over eight hundred languages. Despite the world saying it was impossible, our founders dared to dream.

Governor Parkop especially addressed the young people, emphasizing that our foundation was based on unity. "One People, One Country, One Nation." Together, we will overcome all obstacles, prevail, and prosper. This is our legacy.

He stated that Port Moresby, as the capital, is the best reflection of Papua New Guinea, as all tribes and districts reside here. Port Moresby must become the example, the inspiration, and the motivation for the dream of our founders.

It was a message of hope, a reminder of our past, and a challenge that our success as a nation rests on our shoulders.

Governor Parkop said: "This is home, and I believe in our country and that our people can achieve the dreams our founders had of a united and prosperous nation.

Governor Parkop also highlighted programs and initiatives his municipal government has been supporting to prepare and empower youths to lead the country forward.