Ban on Sale and Use of Spray Cans

22nd May, 20

The National Capital District Commission (NCDC) wishes to inform the General Public, Retailers, Distributors and end-users of spray paints in cans that NCDC will be enforcing the National Government’s directive through the Summary Offences (Amendment) Act 2018, (No. 11 of 2018)[1].

According to Section 44C of the Summary Offences (Amendment) Act 2018, (No. 11 of 2018)[1] the importation, distribution, sale and use of spray paints is prohibited in the country. Therefore, all sale and distribution of Spray Paints in Cans MUST CEASE as of the date of release of this Public Notice.

In the event that Distributors and Retailers do not comply, the NCDC will proceed to withdraw your Trade License and confiscate the goods for proper disposal in accordance with the NCD Waste Management Policy. End users will be fined according to the Law.

All retailers, wholesalers, distributors and end users such as panel workshops must contact NCDC immediately to organise for controlled disposal of both the unused and used spray paint cans. All disposal must strictly be done under the supervision of NCDC.

A collection point will be set up at the City Hall for the General Public to voluntarily dispose spray paint cans.

For more information, contact:

Director – Regulatory Services on 324 0700 Ext. 603 or Email: KennethA@ncdc.gov.pg

Manager, Trade & Liquor Licensing Division on 325 3573 Ext. 673 or Email: ViskoA@ncdc.gov.pg

 Visit Us: Level 2, City Hall, Sect 390 Lot 24, Waigani Dr.

Authorised By:

Ravu Frank

A/City Manager