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Suspension of Betelnut & Mustard Licences and Permits

NCDC wishes to advise all holders of Betelnut and Mustard Licenses and Permits issued by NCDC to supply and distribute betelnut and mustard in the City that as of Wednesday 4th March, 2020, all relevant licenses and permits will be suspended.

This will be a temporary suspension until further advice and will affect suppliers from all other centers except those from the Central and Gulf provinces.

The management considers this temporary suspension necessary following concerns raised by the public that Betelnut and Mustard brought into the City on Commission issued permits and licenses were being sold in public other than the designated and approved wholesale locations.

Edics Holdings Limited and its betelnut wholesale facility at Gerehu will be exempted from this temporary suspension and will be allowed to bring in Betelnut and Mustard from other centers to supplement the supply from Central and Gulf Provinces.

All Airlines and shipping Industries are also advised to take heed of this notice to help us in our efforts to control the influx of betelnut and mustard into the City.

The general public is asked to adhere to this requirement and to refrain from any illegal practices that may attract severe penalties.

All enquiries are to be directed to Mr. Paul Komboi, Director, NCDC Urban Safety Division on 3240 653 or on email


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City Manager