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The Commission

The National Capital District did not have a decentralised administration with a Premier, as with the other provinces, prior to 1995; however, since the 1995 reforms of provincial governments it has been headed by a Governor, albeit one with more limited powers.


Premiers & Governors

Premier       Term
Bill Skate     1995–1997
Philip Taku     1997–1999
run by managers     1999–2001
Philip Taku     2001
run by managers     2001–2006
Wari Vele     2006–2007
Powes Parkop     2007–present

Vision Statement

Living and working together to build a best capital city in the South Pacific region.


Mission Statement

To protect and promote our environment that is conducive for a balanced and sustainable growth by imparting effective basic and vital civic services to the city residents. 


Commission Functions

The functions of the Commission are to control, manage and administer the NCD and ensure the welfare of NCD and the people in it.


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Urban Safety

Waste Management

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