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National Capital District Commission

Welcome To Port Moresby



Payment Options

NEW click here to view your land and garbage rate statements and pay online.

Online payments are available to avoid standing in queues at the City Hall.

If you have internet banking with BSP, they offer BillPay for your convenience.
Simply login to your BSP online account and look for the BillPay option. The option allows two online payments for NCDC rates.

  •   (10199) NCDC Land Tax
  •   (10448) NCDC Garbage Rates

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Annual Turn Over
Category From To Fee
1 K0.01 K250,000 K250
2 K250,000 K500,000 K500
3 K500,000 K1,000,000 K750
4 K1,000,000 K2,000,000 K2,500
5 Over K2,000,000 K5,000

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The management of NCDC comprises of the following senior officers. 

Name Title
Bernard Kipit City Manager
Ravu Frank Deputy City Manager - Operations
Patricia Solon Deputy City Manager - Corporate Affairs
Kenneth Atasoa Director - Regulatory Services
Janet Haua Director - Community & Social Services



Corporate Plan


Living and working together to build a best capital city in the south pacific region.


To protect and promote our environment that is conducive for balanced and sustainable growth by imparting effective basic and vital civic services to the city residents.


The objectives of the Commission are:

  • To create and administer the City Administration and Management in line with the National Capital District Commission Act.
  • To promote a healthy, active, open and friendly environment.
  • To promote and adequately provide community and social services and facilities to benefit the residents of NCD including Motu Koitabu villages.
  • To provide and maintain sustainable Infrastructure and to develop the city in an orderly and planned manner.
  • To enhance and maintain quality standard of living and to promote a peaceful and harmonious co-existence in the community.
  • To create an environment that is conducive for investment and business growth.

The values of the Commission are:

  • Integrity
  • Transparent
  • Fairness
  • Professionalism
  • Prudence
  • Collective Decision
  • Relationship and Cooperation
  • Conclusive Approach
  • Effective Communication
  • Creative and Innovative Approach
  • Ethics and Code
  • Positive Approach


Our services are two fold, first is mandatory which are listed under "Providers Role", second is discretionary that are listed under "Advocacy Role". Those listed under "advocacy had been classified under "Deemed Transferred Functions". This is because the State transferred them to NCDC inconsistent with the legislations.

Functions could be transferred by the State to NCDC per Section 47 of NCDC Act. However, in order it to be formal, the function should come with concurrent funding and to be indexed annually (Section 25 of the NCDC Act 2001.

Advocacy Role    Regulatory / Enforcement   
Education Regulations
Law and Order, Fire Services Policies and Permits
Health Planning
Disaster Management Orders
Providers Role Internal Capacity
Roads, Bridges and Drains HR and Payroll
StreetLights Finance and IT
Public Facilities Legal
Markets Audits
  Parks and Gardens and Waste   Public Relations

Fees & Rates

No.  Monthly Sanitary Fees Fees (K)  10% GST (K)  Total Fees (K)
1 Daily Collection (per bin) 31.25  3.12 34.37
2 Twice Daily Collection (per bin)  70.31 7.03 77.34
3 Special Collection (per lift) 25.00 2.50 27.50


No.  Monthly Garbage Rates Fees (K)  10% GST (K)  Total Fees (K)
1 Garbage Collection if provided: Twice weekly - per bin 58.60  5.86 64.46
2 Mobile Garbage bin (240 liters) Twice weekly collection 93.75 9.37 103.12
3 Special Collection - per bin per collection 25.00 2.50 27.50
4 Special Collection - per drum per collection 93.75 9.37 103.12


No.  Categories of Dump Tickets (Waste Depot per load) Fees (K)  10% GST (K)  Total Fees (K)
1 Chemical Hazardous Waste 214.85  21.48 236.33
2 Explosive and Toxic Non-Hazardous 214.85 21.48 236.33
3 Solvent or Fluid Wastes 152.35 15.23 167.58
4 Solid Waste  74.22 7.42 81.64


No.  Categories of Burial Fees                Fees (K)  10% GST (K)  Total Fees (K)
1  Infant/still birth – 12 years old  100.00 10.00 110.00
2  13 years old - Adult 150.00 15.00 165.00

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